We offer a number of different repair services on electronic devices, primarily video game consoles.  With many years of experience and tens of thousands of devices successfully repaired, we're confident in the quality of service we can provide. Drop in, give us a call, or click on more info to see our full list of services and policies.

Don't leave your device in the hands of some bonehead, take it to a NUMBSKULL instead. 


We have a passion for gaming here at Numbskull, among other interests that could potentially land you strung up by your whitey tighties in a high school locker room. If you're looking for a place to sell off old games for cash, trade in towards something else, or just pick up something new to play or collect, Numbskull might be the place for you to try.  We carry everything from retro video games to the current generation.

Not only do we have a full fledged video game repair shop in house, on site we offer disc repair to our customers with the use of our ECO AutoSmart Disc Repair machine, if our machine can't fix your disc, nothing can. 

We don't play games, so that you can.