You don't always get what you pay for


This Playstation 4 system was brought to a shop for an HDMI replacement, quoted a few days, and was going to be charged a rate of $150. 


After 2 weeks it was taken back by the customer.  This was the condition it was in after being taken back: 


The original port had been crudely removed. The green resin that protects the mainboard had been scratched off.  Nearby components (the size of a grain of rice) had been scraped off.  Excess heat had melted the plastic inside the housing of the new port and adjacent ports. Not a single pin from the new port was secured to the board.  Finally, the system wasn't even cleaned thoroughly. With the blockage in the heatsink fins, the system wouldn't have a long time, if any time at all, before it needed to be serviced again.


No, these aren't stock images pulled from the internet.


These are two examples of playstation HDMI repairs, a slim model playstation 4, and an original model to the right.  You can see that these ports are clean, undamaged, and all solder joints are making good contact, with no bridged connections.  One distinguishing mark that separates these from the factory installed ports is the solder on these actually cover the entirety of the pins (silver), as opposed to the factory the pins which contact the solder only underneath, leaving the top of the pin visible with its coppor exposed.